Practical, simple and clean,  Roller blinds are an ideal and affordable option to add style or a splash of colour to any room.

Traditionally used in kitchens and bathrooms,  our new range of fabrics make them a perfect window dressing for any room.  A real design classic to enhance your home.  Sheer fabrics to give daytime privacy or bold patterns to make a style impact.

We supply an incredible range of roller blinds, all made to the highest standards from the  highest quality materials. Easy to use and simple to operate,  you can personalize each roller with a selection of poles,  trims and pulls.


Safety Features

For extra safety ask about our slow rise roller blinds, manufactured with no hanging cords, they are Safe by Design.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

  • Use to cover storage space
  • Ideal where window depths are narrow
  • Includes fabrics that coordinate with our vertical range
  • Affordable economic option
  • Great blackout option,  ideal for bedrooms movie rooms and studios
  • Wide range of decorative braids and finishes available to style the bottom of the blinds

Roller Blind Ideas

The following is just a small selection from the range of roller blinds we supply.  From slick and minimalist to funky and bold,  we can supply roller blinds to match any room.

  • Roller Blinds - Eton Blue
    Eton Blue
  • Roller Blinds - Persimmon Aqua
    Persimmon Aqua
  • Roller Blinds - Normadic Pink
    Normadic Pink
  • Roller Blinds - Silhouette Mimosa
    Silhouette Mimosa
  • Roller Blinds - Teardrop Bijou
    Teardrop Bijou
  • Roller Blinds - Graphite Ebony
    Graphite Ebony
  • Roller Blinds - Batiste Green
    Roller Blinds - Batiste Green
  • Roller Blinds - Beize Gold
    Beize Gold
  • Roller Blinds - Fryers Stripe
    Fryers Stripe
  • Roller Blinds - Huckleberry Teal
    Huckleberry Teal
  • Roller Blinds - Salsa Copper
    Salsa Copper
  • Roller Blinds - Innocence Charcoal
    Innocence Charcoal
  • Venetian Wood Blinds - Kiwi Green
    Wood - Kiwi Green

Blackout Roller Blinds

Need to shut the light out, whether a bedroom, or studio?  Blackout blinds let you control the flow of light into any space.  We offer a good range of blackout fabrics ( for that good nights sleep ) and despite the name,  our blackout blinds are available in a range of colours and designs to suit the decor of your room.

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Blackout Blinds